Water is a lifeline as Yemen’s war enters fifth year

Water is a lifeline as Yemen’s war enters fifth year

By Garry Walsh

Trócaire is providing safe water and sanitation to communities affected by Yemen’s devastating war.

The war in Yemen has now entered its fifth year. The UN has called the humanitarian crisis there ‘the worst in the world’.

Despite a limited ceasefire agreed in December 2018, Yemeni civilians continue to be killed and injured. Real peace remains elusive.

The situation in Yemen is a heart-breaking example of an entirely human-made disaster. Conflict and the deliberate blocking of aid has brought the population to the brink of famine.

The figures are staggering:

  • At least 17,700 civilians have been killed since 2015 as verified by the UN,
  • 3.3 million people remain displaced from their homes, An estimated 80% of the population, 24 million people, are in need of assistance,
  • Over 11 million children are in need of support,
  • Over 17 million people lack access to safe water and sanitation.
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Yemen’s traditional economy has almost completely collapsed. Millions in Yemen can’t afford food, water, medicines and other basic essentials. They are now reliant on the support of international organisations like Trócaire.


People are desperate for safe water in Yemen. As people access unsafe water sources and inadequate sanitation, the risk of diseases like diarrhoea increases. Across the world, diarrhoea kills more children in war zones than war itself, according to UNICEF.

In Yemen, poor sanitation and waterborne diseases, including cholera, left hundreds of thousands of people sick in 2018. Since the start of 2019, the rate is increasing, with over 120,000 suspected new cases of cholera being reported.

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