Yemenis sit in the skilled to demand the exit of Saudi forces

Yemenis sit in the skilled to demand the exit of Saudi forces

In the province of Al-Mahra, east of Yemen, the sit-in activities called for by the organizing committee of the sit-in of the sons of Al-Mahra Al-Salami began, in rejection of the militarization of life in the nature reserve of Hof.

The Committee confirmed its support for the call launched by the people of the Directorate of Hoof to protect national sovereignty, and rejected the intransigence of the Saudi forces, and declared their adherence to the demand for the exit of these forces from the province, and the delivery of ports, ports and airports in the skilled.

The Committee warned the local authority and the Saudi forces and their militias of any attempt to harm or assault the protesters in the district of Hof.

Since April 2018, Al-Mahra province has witnessed protests calling for the withdrawal of Saudi and Emirati forces from the province, the handover of cargo carriers, the port of Sirafit, the port of activists and the international airport for local forces and the maintenance of national sovereignty.

Citizens and tribesmen in al-Muhara have repeatedly faced attempts by Saudi forces to create military posts and checkpoints in areas of the province.

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