The Yemen Element in the UAE’s Anti-Brotherhood Fight

The Yemen Element in the UAE’s Anti-Brotherhood Fight

By Eleonora Ardemagni

In the Gulf States, governments have publicly exploited Mohammed Morsi’s death to support their strategies and bolster their positions on political Islam. 

Reaffirming his pro-Brotherhood stance, the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, expressed his condolences quickly on Twitter. The Doha-based Egyptian theologian Yusuf Al Qaradawi similarly called Morsi “a martyr.” As did the Kuwaiti MP Osama Al Shaheen from Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM or HADAS, the Kuwaiti Brotherhood), which currently holds three seats in the National Assembly.

On the other side of the divide, the Emirati authorities and media used the occasion of Morsi’s death to rebalance domestic and external threats. Through various media outlets, the government reiterated their claim that the Brotherhood is an extremist organization spreading radicalization and sedition. UAE’s television channels and the state agency featured an interview with a former member of the Emirati Ikhwan, Islah, jailed and then pardoned by the UAE president. The former member declared to have “found [his] true country” after leaving the Brotherhood, which he claims is struggling with “a wave of defections.”

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