Yemeni forces announce killing 20 Houthis in Dhalea

Yemeni forces announce killing 20 Houthis in Dhalea

Yemen’s pro-government forces on Tuesday announced foiling two attacks launched by the Houthi rebels in the country’s southern province of Dhalea, leaving 20 attackers killed.

The joint pro-government forces said in a statement posted online that “the Houthis launched two attacks and attempted to infiltrate into key military sites located near Qataba district in Dhalea’s northern outskirts.”

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The military statement said that pro-government forces managed to thwart the Houthis infiltration attempts and repulse their armed attacks successfully.

The armed confrontations that continued for hours resulted in the killing of 20 Houthi fighters, including a senior rebel commander and wounding several others.

Elsewhere in Dhalea, the pro-government forces said also that a senior Houthi commander named as Abu Qasem Adel was captured along with 12 of his companions during armed confrontations near Qataba.

According to the military statement, the armed confrontations occurred after intercepting heavy Houthi reinforcements heading towards the frontlines in Dhalea.

The Houthi military authorities based in Sanaa made no comments regarding the pro-government reports of foiling the rebels attacks in Dhalea.

You can read the full article Xinhua Net here.

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