House approves to end support for Saudi’s Yemen campaign

House approves to end support for Saudi’s Yemen campaign

The House of Representatives approved an amendment to the annual defence spending bill Thursday to halt US support for Saudi Arabia-led military operations in Yemen, Anadolu reports.

Momentum has been growing on Capitol Hill to end support for the military campaign, which has resulted in thousands of civilian casualties and exacerbated a humanitarian crisis in what was the Arab world’s poorest nation even prior to the offensive.

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It passed in a 240-185 vote with strong Democratic support but opposition from Republicans, who warned against curtailing President Donald Trump’s ability to fight militant groups in the region.

“By continuing to conduct intelligence sharing, the US has been a co-belligerent in the world’s largest humanitarian crisis,” Congressman Ro Khanna, a vocal critic of the war in Yemen and key sponsor of the amendment, said in a statement.

“The US cannot be an effective broker for peace if it continues to arm and militarily support one side of the conflict. This is how we democratize America’s foreign policy and reassert Congress’ role in matters of war and peace,” he added.

You can read the full article at Middle East Monitor here.

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